The Master Blueprint
To Internet Marketing Success

How To “Make It Happen” In A Major Way In 2006


Dear Friend,

Most of us start each new year off by examining how we will make this year different from last year. We identify what was good and what was bad about the previous year, and in the spirit of renewal, make “resolutions”… promises to ourselves to change things. It’s no secret that most people don’t keep these resolutions.

This special report , The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success, written by Willie Crawford was created to help you understand how to keep one of your New Year’s Resolutions… the promise to do those things that will make your online business a big success THIS YEAR!

"This is not a 350 page, fluffed filled book...

... It's focussed, specific and eye-opening.  I read it cover to cover in 30 minutes.... Then Read It Again!"

In order to help you reach that goal, the report is BRUTALLY honest with you.

Hopefully, It won't offend too many people, but if it does, and it gets them to take the proper action, then it will have achieved Willie's goal.  It will have improved your life in 2006.

Here Are Just Some Of The Incredible Things Revealed In This Superb 40 Point Success Plan:

  Page 7. Discover why the average online entrepreneurs actually destine themselves to failure. On this page Willie reveals the simple missing factor that most people are desperately searching for.

  Page 11. A key success tip for finding the most profitable niche markets and more importantly how to avoid choosing the wrong one where you'll fail miserably.

  Page 12. Exactly what Willie does to generate obscene income from info products that he creates or own the rights to.

Page 13. A simple concept that works beautifully and that if you work at it a little could easily have 8-10 of your sites on the first page of search engine listings!

Page 14. The secret to selling using direct response marketing, Anyone who understands this and practices ethically exploiting it, has no limit on their earning potential!

Page 16. Discover what the secret to making big money in info products has always been but very few people actually do it.

Page 18. The key to growing your businesses 20 times faster.

If you read and apply the information in this report, it can’t help but change your life in a major way.

Before you download this report check out these two valuable bonuses:

Special Bonus #1:

An audio version of this special report will soon be included as part of this package. The teleseminar will last 90 minutes to 2 hours (estimated) based upon these important principles you'll read today.

As a owner of this special report you will be offered free access to the recordings from the teleseminar. This valuable bonus is built right into the PDF and you can find out how to access the files inside.

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Master Resell Right Included!

You have the right to resell this report or the resale rights to this report for any price that you choose, and keep all of the money. 

The Recommended price is $19.97 - $29.97. ... After you read the special report, you will understand why :-)

Your Licence Terms In Full:

[YES] Can be packaged.
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Not only will you have The Master Blueprint To Internet Marketing Success to learn and profit from yourself but you also have the opportunity to sell this life changing report to your own customers and subscribers. 

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